Peter Feaman
There is hope in this book but Peter also address the worst case that could happen if we do not wake up as a nation and what could happen to America due to the end-time we live in.
This book warns just How Political Correctness Will Destroy
America……the forward to this book was done by Congressman Allen West who says this book is must read for all concerned Americans and I agree with him.
Peter Feaman was recently unanimously elected Florida's Republican National Committeeman.
A distinguished trial attorney in Florida for 30 years, Feaman was appointed to the 15th Judicial Circuit Nominating Commission and the Fourth District Court of Appeal Nominating Commission.
Feaman's law background factors heavily into his motivation to write about the radical Islamist movement.
He has successfully litigated and defended high profile cases involving his clients and radical Islamist groups in the United States.
It is very refreshing for me to see someone with this kind of background not be afraid to write a book such as this..
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